Cardboard Boxes Can Put Money Into Your Pocket

Cardboard Boxes Can Put Money Into Your Pocket

Recycling your corrugated boxes can put cash back in your pocket. And, remember, you are saving the environment and keeping landfills from overflowing when you recycle.
Cardboard  is biodegradable and the easy, economic way to transport and ship products.  Keep in mind that there are other environmentally-safe shipping items available as well. At A&R Box and Packaging, we carry PakNatural Loose Fill — it is a type of packing peanut product that is safe for the environment. It is also a biodegradable product made from non-food renewable material. These packing peanuts are not made with styrofoam. If you are looking to purchase packing peanuts, we offer them at an affordable rate.
The recycling process begins with you. The cardboard cannot go back into the reuse and recycle process without you first bringing the items to a recycling facility, where they will weigh the cardboard and pay you per ton. When you recycle just one ton of cardboard, over 9 cubic yards of landfill space are saved (RFT). Be sure to remove any food particles or non-recyclable items from the cardboard before turning it in to the facility. The next step is to soak the cardboard with water to break it down to a wood pulp (Dooley).  Any glue, tape, or staples are removed at this point, as well as ink, so do not hesitate to bring printed boxes to your local recycling center (Dooley).
Some companies even purchase used cardboard boxes, which makes it easier for you to take part in the recycling process. And the good news is you still get paid without having to do the work!
Look for the recycle symbol (three arrows) on all items. But remember, just because an item has this symbol printed on it, this does not mean it is recyclable (GGR). However, it does mean that it was made from recycled materials (GGR). In 2009, more than 60% of used paper in the U.S.A. was recycled (Dooley). Make your New Year’s Resolution to get that number even higher this year!
It’s that simple. Remember, go green and do your part to recycle when you can because every bit helps!

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