How to reduce waste using stretch wrap


According to, there are several benefits of using stretch film for your packaging projects and needs. The first one being the increased product protection. When using stretch wrap on products, the film will protect the product from the bad stuff that can affect your shipments. Stretch wrap will protect your products from moisture, dirt, and dust keeping your product like new. Also, the transparency of stretch wrap helps maintain visual connection with the product so you are able to keep track of it at any point of the shipping process. The second benefit of stretch film is the reduced product damage and increased load stability. Since the stretch film wraps tightly around the product and shipments, it creates a stable and secure pallet that can withstand long trips and unfavorable terrains. The next benefit is the efficiency when it comes to shipping pallets. Stretch film allows one to stack their pallets taller with equal stabilization as well it increases productivity with its quick and simple application. The flexibility of the tape also allows any item shape to be neatly stacked due to its durability. Stretch film also makes inventory a breeze as you are able to accurately count the amount of product being shipped or stacked. The transparency allows the ability of a recount in the case where numbers are doubted thus making inventory much more consistent and concise. Lastly, a majority of stretch films are 100% recyclable. So after assisting in all of the aforementioned benefits, you can bundle up the used stretch film and toss it in the recycling bin helping aid the environment.
The last thing I would like to discuss is how stretch film reduces waste by being so malleable. It forms to whatever it is being wrapped around thus making it convenient and beneficial. When using stretch film, it is difficult to make a mistake because it will form to the item being wrapped and you can just keep wrapping around it to fix any improper wrapping, and since it is recyclable, there is no worry about what to do with it after use. Toss it in the recycling bin and go back to your day.

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