Arbox Packaging.com has Kraft Paper in stock. We have a wide selection including 12-24 size Craft Paper and more.

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KRFT-PPR-12_30 $16.00
KRFT-PPR-12_40 $15.00
KRFT-PPR-12_50 $15.00
KRFT-PPR-18_30 $23.00
KRFT-PPR-18_40 $22.00
KRFT-PPR-18_50 $20.00
KRFT-PPR-20_40 $25.00
KRFT-PPR-24_30 $28.00
KRFT-PPR-24_40 $27.00
KRFT-PPR-24_50 $28.00
KRFT-PPR-24_60 $27.00
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  • Perfect for packaging small items. 
  • Can be used as a space filler.
  • Can be wrapped around products for immediate cushioning and protection.
  • Each size is sold by a particular basis weight as shown in the chart below.

KRFT-PPR-12_30, KRFT-PPR-12_40, KRFT-PPR-12_50, KRFT-PPR-18_30, KRFT-PPR-18_40, KRFT-PPR-18_50, KRFT-PPR-20_40, KRFT-PPR-24_30, KRFT-PPR-24_40, KRFT-PPR-24_50, KRFT-PPR-24_60


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