Padded Bubble Mailers

A & R Box and Packaging is well experienced in the field of packing company. It is also providing Padded bubble mailers such as Invoice and packing list enclosed envelopes.

Dimensions Price Quantity Add to Cart
ENV-Kraft-JL-2 $29.00
ENV-Kraft-JL-3 $38.00
ENV-Kraft-JL-4 $44.50
ENV-Kraft-JL-000 $68.00
ENV-Kraft-JL-00 $45.00
ENV-Kraft-JL-0 $45.00
ENV-Kraft-JL-1 $30.95
ENV-Kraft-JL-6 $39.00
ENV-Kraft-JL-7 $44.00
ENV-Kraft-JL-CD $53.00
ENV-Kraft-JL-5 $42.95

Jiffylite® Mailers are   padded bubble mailers have the perfect shipping protection for a wide range of products. They contain a barrier of bubble cushioning material that provides excellent air retention and protection to its contents while in transit. These mailers are durable and lightweight, and available in all the sizes below.

  • Easy-to-use, lightweight, and strong
  • Self-seal adhesive to seal the mailers
  • Laminated coating provides excellent puncture resistance
  • Made from 100% recycled material
Sold by the Carton



ENV-Kraft-JL-0, ENV-Kraft-JL-00, ENV-Kraft-JL-000, ENV-Kraft-JL-1, ENV-Kraft-JL-2, ENV-Kraft-JL-3, ENV-Kraft-JL-4, ENV-Kraft-JL-5, ENV-Kraft-JL-6, ENV-Kraft-JL-7, ENV-Kraft-JL-CD


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