Poly Mailers

A & R Box and Packaging is well experienced in the field of packing company. It is also providing shipping envelopes such as Invoice and packing list enclosed envelopes.

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POLY-MLR-1013 $169.74
POLY-MLR-1215F $219.74
POLY-MLR-14F19 $168.95
POLY-MLR-1924 $135.50
POLY-MLR-2424 $112.00

® ShurTuff®
Mailers  poly
mailers are an excellent choice for mailing out products quickly and easily. These
polyolefin mailers are produced by a unique coextruded manufacturing process that
makes light but strong mailers that are simple to use.

  • Peel and seal strip adhesive for ease of use
  • Eliminates the need for tape, glue, and staplers
  • Outstandng protection with smooth, water-resistant texture
  • Puncture resistant inside silver lining
  • Ease-to-open perforated strip
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the  Carton
Dimensions Price Quantity Add to Cart
Poly Mailers - poly-mlr-1013 We have plenty POLY-MLR-1013 $169.74
Poly Mailers - poly-mlr-1215f We have plenty POLY-MLR-1215F $219.74
Poly Mailers - poly-mlr-14f19 We have plenty POLY-MLR-14F19 $168.95
Poly Mailers - poly-mlr-1924 We have plenty POLY-MLR-1924 $135.50
Poly Mailers - poly-mlr-2424 We have plenty POLY-MLR-2424 $112.00

POLY-MLR-1013, POLY-MLR-1215F, POLY-MLR-14F19, POLY-MLR-1924, POLY-MLR-2424


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