Polypropylene Strapping

A & R Box and Packaging is offering a large variety of Polypropylene Strapping materials and tools in various sizes and shape.The company is offering Strapping Coils, Polypropylene, Steel Strapping and Strapping Buckles.

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STRP-COIL-1/29000BLK $48.00
STRP-COIL-1/29000 $29.00
1/2"X9,000' POLY STRAPPING 16X6 100#
STRP-COIL-1/211400 $75.00
STRP-COIL-1/27200BLK $36.00
Black Hand Strapping 1/2"x7200'x.030, 600lbs Tensile Strength 16x6 Coil
STRP-COIL-1/27200 $85.00
STRP-COIL-1/27800BLK $96.00
STRP-COIL1/2247200BLK $61.00
STRP-COIL-1/2247200 Free!
poly strapping 1/2" x 0.024" x 7200'
STRP-COIL-1/227200Y $85.00
STRP-COIL-1/2277200BLK $89.00
STRP-COIL-1/25600BLK $89.00
STRP-COIL-5/8206000BLK $80.00
STRP-COIL-5/8256000BLK $92.00
STRP-COIL-5/8306000BLK $97.00
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  • Polypropylene strapping is typically used for strapping down pallets by hand.
  • Depending on the application, there are various tensile strengths to ensure your pallets are properly and securely fastened.
  • Safe and inexpensive to use
Sold Individually

STRP-COIL-1/211400, STRP-COIL-1/2247200, STRP-COIL-1/227200Y, STRP-COIL-1/2277200BLK, STRP-COIL-1/25600BLK, STRP-COIL-1/27200, STRP-COIL-1/27200BLK, STRP-COIL-1/27800BLK, STRP-COIL-1/29000, STRP-COIL-1/29000BLK, STRP-COIL-5/8206000BLK, STRP-COIL-5/8256000BLK, STRP-COIL-5/8306000BLK, STRP-COIL1/2247200BLK


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