Steel Strapping

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STRP-STL-1/2.015 $155.00
STRP-STL-1/2.020 $120.00
STRP-STL-1/2.023 $134.00
STRP-STL-3/4.020 $122.00
STRP-STL-3/4.023 $126.00
STRP-STL-3/4.025 $156.00
STRP-STL-3/8.015 $164.00
STRP-STL-5/8.020 $129.00
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  • Steel Strapping is useful as it’s heavy and durable enough to strap down some of the heaviest items.
  • Steel strapping is typically used in machine strapping applications and available in a variety of sizes and tensile strengths for heavy duty jobs.
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STRP-STL-1/2.015, STRP-STL-1/2.020, STRP-STL-1/2.023, STRP-STL-3/4.020, STRP-STL-3/4.023, STRP-STL-3/4.025, STRP-STL-3/8.015, STRP-STL-5/8.020


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