A & R Box Packaging – Edge protectors and corner protectors that are most commonly stocked are teh v-board cardboards.

Dimensions Price Quantity Add to Cart
EDG-PTC-020236.120 $69.00
EDG-PTC-020248.120 $60.00
EDG-PTC-020236.160 $51.00
EDG-PTC-020248.160 $56.00
EDG-PTC-020272.160 $65.00
EDG-PTC-020236.225 $74.00
EDG-PTC-020260.225 $52.00
EDG-PTC-02F02F30.225 $51.00
EDG-PTC-02F02F36.225 $60.00
EDG-PTC-02F02F42.225 $56.00
EDG-PTC-02F02F48.225 $53.00
EDG-PTC-02F02F72.225 $56.00
  • Also known as edge protectors.
  • Used in the shipping industry as an inexpensive way to protect your product. 
  • Used to protect and act as a buffer between products and the strap that is used to keep a product down during its shipping. 

EDG-PTC-020236.120, EDG-PTC-020236.160, EDG-PTC-020236.225, EDG-PTC-020248.120, EDG-PTC-020248.160, EDG-PTC-020260.225, EDG-PTC-020272.160, EDG-PTC-02F02F30.225, EDG-PTC-02F02F36.225, EDG-PTC-02F02F42.225, EDG-PTC-02F02F48.225, EDG-PTC-02F02F72.225


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