Regular Slotted Containers

Pak-natural-14 cu

Also known as RSC’s, Regular Slotted Containers are boxes made of corrugated cardboard with flaps that are all the same size. The outside flaps meet in the middle of the box, but the inner flaps only meet when the container is square. We have this box style in stock and we can also provide you with custom sizes for your business or shipping needs. Whether you need plain or custom printed boxes with your logo on the outside, we can get you the boxes you require. This is the most cost-effective box that can be made because no die cut is needed in the manufacture process. RSC is also the most common shipping box style. Tape is needed to seal the tops of these boxes. For your convenience, we carry tape guns at A&R and various types of tape, such as machine tape, masking tape, packing tape, pallet tape, safety tape, screen tape and strapping tape. The easiest way to get the tape onto your boxes securely by hand is with a tape gun or tape dispenser.
While the top of the RSC box is secured with tape, the panels are secured by one glue joint, available in Kraft and White. But, remember, before you seal your boxes, make sure you have enough cushioning for your items.

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